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Flashlights Torch

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Do you find yourself fumbling in the dark for a flashlight? This app turns your Phone into a flashlight quickly and easily.Not all flashlights are made the same.
One great feature of having a super bright LED flashlight or torch is that it will give bright light.flashlights is useful when camping outdoors.flashlight can be an over whelming experience, with all the varieties and models they have to choose. However, they all come with the same quality durability and innovation that every stream flashlight promises.Getting a flashlight that has a decent brightness is good. However, you also want to take into consideration the beam of the flashlight. Having a flashlight that scatters light will not provide you the light where you need it. So, search for a flashlight that has a tight, solid beam of light that is focused in one area.If, the flashlight has too high a number then it can significantly reduce battery power in the flashlight.
Flashlights Torch apps contains different lights effects
✔ Flashlight
✔ TorchLight
✔ PoliceLight
✔ TrafficLight
✔ ColorsLight
✔ ScreenLight



Update: 2017-05-25

Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later



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